The Support Package is a service that we offer to our clients at the time of booking. It is also possible to take out the Premium support package at a later stage on payment of a fee. The Support Package will not be refunded if the trip is cancelled or if the airline is not able to meet the requests made. The airline may charge additional fees.

If you purchase our Premium or Platinum Support Package, it includes the following:

  • Assistance to find the best possible alternative based on the airline's rules if they change their times and you are not happy with their proposed new times.
  • Register your frequent flyer card with the airline.

In order to take advantage of the Support package you have purchased, please use the contact form which you can find via ‘Products and services’ under ‘Contact us’ on our web pages. Click on ‘Write to customer service’ and then select the level of Support package you have purchased. Whether you select Premium or Platinum will determine how quickly you will get an answer and assistance with a refund. Platinum customers get the highest priority.